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So ... what's the twist?

A refreshing approach to life on the road motivated by extensive

industry experience and a (very) colourful back story. 

I am queer, sober and love working in touring at arena level and beyond. I strive to create an enriching experience for those I support so they enjoy our shared time travelling the world and spreading the joy of live music.

 You can count on me to be confident, pro-active and efficient. Advocating on behalf of my clients and thriving when the going gets tough are two of my greatest assets. My experience is broad within the areas of international advancing (inc. comms with promoters, suppliers, venues etc.), and I have the best in travel and visa agents on speed dial. I am a Master Tour user and love spreadsheets.  Oh - and did I mention my amount of serious personal flair? (In case it wasn’t already obvious!?).

What people say about working with me ...

'Joanne is a rare individual and someone I treasure working with. She brings joy, positivity, enthusiasm, professionalism, creativity and a ‘can do’ attitude to all the demands made of her on the road. She’s a super fast learner with a intuitive sense for creative solution finding. We all need a Joanne on our team on tour & I highly recommend you take the opportunity to experience Joanne’s wonderfulness for yourself '

Cath Roberts, Tour Manager, DURAN DURAN


Contact + Info 

Joanne Croxford


PP : UK, Canada ( I only need to be on a petition to work in USA and don't require a full 02 Visa)

Languages: English, German (fluent in both)

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